New Online Blackjack Games

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Online blackjack is a classic table game that players of all skills and budgeting range absolutely love to play. While the standard online blackjack game is fantastic fun to play, it can become a little boring over time and you’ll probably want to switch it up with other fun variations of online blackjack!

There have been lots of new online blackjack releases recently that are sure to reignite your spark for the game or if you have never played it before, they are sure to spark your interest! Get playing one of these online blackjack variations below for hours of fun and big cash payouts!

Online Blackjack Perfect Pairs and Blackjack 21+3

Online blackjack perfect pairs are one of our new favourites when it comes to playing online blackjack games. This game has a fun extra added feature where players can place an optional side bet. This optional side bet is called the Perfect Pair and it is one of the most popular side bets that you will come across when playing online blackjack games. With this bet, you will have to get a pair in the first two cards dealt by the dealer. Players will then receive the highest payout when the 2 cards of the pair are the same value. Not only that, they will also need to belong to the same suit to get 25x the side bet stake.
Online Gambling
Online Blackjack 21+3 is also a lot of fun to play as it essentially merges two games in one! Players not only get to enjoy a game of online blackjack but they can also enjoy a mini game of poker too. To get started playing this game all you need to do is make a three card poker hand using the first 2 cards dealt to you. Players who want to get a big payout will need to get a very good hand! We love this game because it combines online blackjack with poker meaning that there is no need to choose between the two if you enjoy both table games.

Online Blackjack Lucy Lady

It is all about luck when you play online blackjack lucky lady as players will have to get try and hit 19, 20 or 21 with just your first two cards plus the dealers face-up card. These 3 cards cannot be more, or less, than your target numbers or else you have lost that bet! The highest payout you can receive with this game is a massive 200x the side bet if you manage to get the 777 suit

Another popular side bet that is predominantly used in the USA is the online Blackjack lucky ladies side bet! With this side bet player will have to get 20 or more to win. You can also win by having a Queen as one of the first two dealt cards. This is a side bet that really does require a fair bit of luck to win, but if you are successful you can expect to receive an awesome payout!

Online blackjack does not look as though it will be going anywhere soon. New players will love online blackjack as an introduction into table games at their online casino. Once you have mastered blackjack and the above side bet games then we would suggest checking out the wide range of other table games available at online casino sites which includes games such as roulette, poker, and baccarat. Complete newbies to online casino games would be best leaving the table games until later and starting off with the exciting range of slots and scratch cards available.


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